We got lucky to get Alexander to do our films. Because of his GT-Racer TV series he knows the scene very well and by now the scene knows him.

Marcus Count van Oeyenhausen, www.blister-berg.de

Mission Statement

We tell stories about people and their cars that arouse, entertain and sell. Stories that the aficionado knows are true and that convert the dispassionate into the passionate.


We provide our clients the resources of an established production/content creation company, one capable of delivering films of the highest “TV production values,” on time and on budget.


We will produce for our clients, regardless of their size or the media they employ, the most effective, exciting, entertaining product, distinguished by creativity, authenticity, and competence. Our clients will: Hit the Apex. Own The Rush.

Track Record

Our proven success record backs up this promise:

  • Our top ranking TV-Show GT RACER has been sold to global markets and runs on prime time.
  • Our award-winning Mitsubishi commercial has sold the entire car inventory in the country of airing (Portugal/Spain).
  • Our recent documentary UPRISING on Egypt’s revolution has won 13 international film awards.
  • Our public service enouncement on the subject of “party rape” has lead to social change in the country of airing (Sweden).
  • We have shot Alfa Romeos, Alvis, Aston Martins, Audis, Bentleys, Bizzarrinis, BMWs, Bugattis, Cobras, Corvettes, Ferraris, Fiats, Fords, Iso Grifos, Jaguars, Lamborghinis, Lancias, Maseratis, Mercedes, Mustangs, Porsches, Rolls Royce and endless more.
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