Paul BabbExecutive Producer

Paul Babb brings wealth of knowledge and experience from his associations with both production companies and advertising agencies. He has in-depth experience in virtually every type of motor sport and production. Including special effects such as: CGI animation & efx, aerial, underwater, pyrotechnics, motion control, blue screen/matte, time lapse, food, table-top, miniatures, front and rear projection, stop motion and high speed photography, cars, animals, puppets/Muppets, cell animation, and children.

He has earned a reputation for nurturing long-term relationships between directors, production companies and their clients and has produced award-winning media for major advertisers and clients including: Jaguar, Disney Studios, American Express, Chrysler, Microsoft, Ferrari, Universal Studios, Activision, Carnation, Toyota, State Farm Insurance, Hyundai, GMC, Mazda, Infinity, Wells Fargo, Hunt-Wesson, Mercedes-Benz, Farmer’s Insurance, Dodge, Sunkist, Keebler, NASCAR, Seagate, Robitussin, Lionsgate, Milk Advisory Board, Volkswagen, Sea World, Ford, Chevy, McDonald’s, Disneyland, Fisher Price, Enbrel, Spiriva, Minute Made, Nissan, Joy, Oldsmobile, 3M, Pacific Care Insurance, Winchells, Sprite, Atari, Maalox, Home Savings, Kal-Kan, Nasonex, Mattel Toys, Budweiser, Post Cereals, The US Marines, PacBell, Kraft Foods, and Coca-Cola.

Industry awards include: Silver and Bronze Cannes Lions, IBA-Beldings, CLIOs, Ad Age 100 Best, Los Angeles Art Directors, Chicago Film Festival, AICP and New York Art Directors. He considers his greatest award his three children and his wife Pat.

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